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7 Oct. 2015 -- click here for earlier articles



From time to time, I'm putting reviews of books (and magazines) old and new into Short Schrift. Here's one now:

U.R.S.S., Emil Schulthess, Editions Albin Michel, Paris 1971, 240 pp 11.5 x 13 inches, 290 x 325 mm

This huge book (it weights about 2.4 kg, well over 5 lb) cost me 2€ at a vide-greniers (village wide yard sale) in 2011, and it was a bargain. Not only is the photography excellent: it's a wonderful insight into the old Soviet Union; it's superbly produced (Swiss origination and printing); and purely technically, it's a great advertisement for Leicas (Leicaflex and M4) and for Kodachrome.

The double-page spreads are arguably over-enlarged, but then, they're a massive 13x27 inches or 325 x 635mm. It was published in English (by Harper and Row, I think) in 1971 or 1972, but even if you can't read the French or German (its original title in German, when it was first published in Switzerland in 1971, was Sovjetunion) and can only find one of those editions, it's still worth looking at just for the pictures.