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by Roger and Frances

We have a lot of fun, mostly on a shoestring, and we precariously support our photo and travel habits by writing books, magazine articles and e-books.

The site itself is something between a blog and a web-site, so you can never be entirely sure what you will find. Most people like pretty much all I write, or pretty much none of it. This is why I’ve been called a Marmite writer.

Kodak Ektar 100 film

Ektar 100 is an odd film. It’s incredibly rewarding if you use it properly, and quite close to a disaster if you don’t.

Shirley Wellard

Introducing the Shirley-Wellard Type C Universal Cassette. Instructions for loading and using the universal cassette and Instructions for adjusting.

Choosing Reloadable Cassettes

The vast majority of cassettes for 35mm cameras can be divided into two types, the sort with a fixed velvet-lip light trap and the labyrinthine type.

Paper Grades

At their most basic, paper grades could hardly be easier to understand or to master. Paper grades range from 00 (very soft) to 5 (very hard).

Handling 120 Film

It is amusing that today, 120 film is regarded as a professional medium that is difficult to handle. After all, for decades it was the amateur standard for snapshots, used without a second thought by even the most fumble-fingered.

The Medium Formats

For most practical purposes, ‘medium format’ can be taken as synonymous with 120/220 roll film, though another way to define it is by what it is not: it is bigger than 35mm, and is therefore not ‘miniature’ but it is smaller than 9x12cm or 4×5 inch, and therefore not ‘large format’.



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