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by Roger and Frances

We have a lot of fun, mostly on a shoestring, and we precariously support our photo and travel habits by writing books, magazine articles and e-books.

The site itself is something between a blog and a web-site, so you can never be entirely sure what you will find. Most people like pretty much all I write, or pretty much none of it. This is why I’ve been called a Marmite writer.

Testing (Film) Fixer For Exhaustion

Film fixer can be re-used repeatedly — but how do you tell when it is exhausted? The classical trick is to check the clearing time, i.e. the time it takes for the film to go clear in the fixer.

Processing Sheet Film In A Paterson Orbital

Processing sheet film is a perennial problem, especially for the beginner. The Paterson Orbital tank, designed for processing colour prints, is extremely useful for formats up to 8×10 inches.



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