Shooting the Past


I haven't seen one of those for ages.'

'What must life have been like then?'

'This house was built long before I was born, and will still be here long after I am dead.'

If you have ever thought this sort of thing, and wanted to convey your thoughts and feelings to other people, or simply to record them for yourself, this is a module for you. It deals with the different ways of seeing and interpreting history, and with both aesthetic and technical approaches to shooting it. There are 19 pictures (20, if you count a full-frame picture and its crop as two pictures), 11 (or 12) of which are black and white, 7 colour, and 1 hand-coloured. They were shot with 35mm (13 or 14), digital (3), 6x7cm (2) and 4x5 inch.


Binoculars, Redondo Beach, California


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