The glory days of infra-red (IR) films are past. Kodak's High-Speed Infrared (HIE) has been threatened with extinction for many years, and by the time you read this, it will probably have disappeared altogether. Likewise, barring (extremely unlikely) reintroductions, false-colour IR is a thing of the past, though we have included a few images shot on Kodak's last Infra-Red Ektachrome, mainly for nostalgia's sake. The sad truth is that those who really need IR (military and forensic phtographers) have for the most part converted to digital, so pictorial IR photographers no longer get a subsidized ride on their coat-tails. Even so, monochrome IR films reappear periodically, and there is always the digital option. Now read on...


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Pots, Knossos, Crete


Frances shot this on Konica IR750 (now discontinued) but similar though not identical results could be obtained with currently available films,



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