First Look

This series was begun in late 2007. Its aim was to provide a first look at new equipment that we received for review. It also bears some relationship to the microtests.

'First look' at...

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Leica f/2.5 Summarits

The introduction of four new lenses in late 2007 was something as a landmark for Leica, as they seemed to move away from making only the best and highest-specified lenses possible, regardless of price, to making a 'second line' of lenses that still retained what others would regard as superlative quality, with modest speeds and more regard for cost. We received one of the first sets of these lenses, and were very impressed indeed. Somewhat to out own surprise there are well over 30 pictures in this module, all (except the picture of the lenses themselves) shot with the Leica M8.


December 2007

Signs and posts, taken by Roger on the M8 with the 50mm Summarit-M on the Sentier des Lavoirs in Moncontour.




Zeiss 50/1.5 Sonnar

Although we received this well before the Summarits, we had not thought of the 'First Look' feature at the time, so we had considerably more images to play with when the time came to write the piece. It went up simultaneously with the Summarit 'First Look' because we would hate Zeiss to think that we hold their lenses in low esteem. In fact, although Roger was never a fan of Sonnars before, the 50/1.5 has become his standard 50mm lens. There are almost two dozen shots, four shot on real film and the rest with the Leica M8.



December 2007

Frances belongs to a sewing circle and Roger took pictures of the group to accompany an exhibition of their work. Ilford HP5+ on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone




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