photographing details

Some modules in the Photo School come from verbal ideas: low-light, street photography, still life. Others come from solving problems: how do you shoot white-on-white? And some, like this one, come from pictures. Obviously, when we are sorting pictures for modules, we go through our files and see lots of pictures that aren't suitable for the module in hand. Sometimes, these pictures give us ideas for more modules. This is an example.

As a result, photographing details is very heavily 'picture driven', with 3 dozen pictures and comparatively little text other than captions. All the pictures are in colour, and a surprising number (14 --it surprised us, anyway) were shot with digital cameras, including eight from our '1000 Motels' series (free gallery with 15 shots). Other subjects include classic cars; Art Deco architecture; graphic compositions; a sunflower; and more.

Because this is so unlike most of the other modules, it probably isn't a good one to start with: whether you like it or dislike it, you may get a false impression of what the others may be like.


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