Colour for colour's sake

No matter how fond you are of black and white photography -- we have to admit, it's our favourite -- you cannot deny the power of colour. Sometimes this is because colour demands less of the viewer, in that it's a simpler, more straightforward record of what happened, but at other times it's because of the impact of the colour itself. This is a module about the latter.

Often (though not always) the content is secondary: these are graphic pictures rather than narrative. There is a paid module about graphic, narrative and record images. Then again, the picture on the right could hardly be more narrative! There are 17 pictures in this module, 11 film, 6 digital, one hand-coloured monochrome.

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Pink Is Not Dead

This does not actually appear in the module; Roger shot it in Arles in 2007 with the Leica M8 and 50/1.5 Zeiss Sonnar. It was advertising a superb little boutique/fashion house.

pink is not dead


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