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At the bottom of this page there is a list of new modules (after may 2006) as they were added in reverse date order (latest first). The pictures on the right are nothing to do with anything much: they were chosen because they were 300 pixels wide, just to break up a solid text page.

in alphabetical order:

agoraphilia   (PAID)    skip introductory page

art and photography   (FREE)

backgrounds and foregrounds   (PAID)    skip introductory page

backlighting   (PAID)    skip introductory page

basics   (FREE intro to FREE modules)

black and white photography   (FREE)

bracketing   (FREE)

chiaroscuro   (NEW)  skip introductory page

choosing a lab   (FREE) (NEW) 

choosing films   (PAID)    skip introductory page

choosing lenses   (PAID)    skip introductory page

choosing negative developers   (PAID)    skip introductory page

colour for colour's sake      skip introductory page

creating a photo-school course plan   (FREE)

photo critiques   (FREE)

the dangers of gurus   (FREE)

decisive moments   (PAID) skip introductory page

density   (FREE)

details   (PAID)    skip introductory page

dodging and burning   (PAID)    skip introductory page

events   (FREE Series)

exposing negative films   (PAID)    skip introductory page

exposing slides and digital   (PAID)    skip introductory page

the focal point   (PAID) skip introductory page

focus    (PAID) (NEW) skip introductory page

four views of a statue   (FREE)

glossary   (FREE)

hints and tips   (FREE)

how do I...?    (FREE)

how many cameras do you need?   (FREE)

the hybrid darkroom   (FREE)

introduction to photo school(FREE)

infra-red    (PAID) skip intro

irreproducible results   (PAID) skip intro

ISO film speeds   (FREE)

large formats   (FREE)

low-light   (PAID)    skip introductory page

magic windows   (PAID)    skip introductory page

narrative, record and graphic pictures    (PAID) skip introductory page

negative development technique   (PAID)    skip introductory page

old lenses (PAID) skip intro

our darkroom(s)   (FREE)

our materials   (FREE)

the part and the whole   (PAID)    skip introductory page

perspective and the illusion of depth   (PAID)    skip introductory page

photography and motorcycles   (FREE)

portrait and landscape    (PAID)    skip introductory page

portrait lenses and lighting   (PAID)    skip introductory page

quality in photography    (FREE INTRO TO PAID MODULES)

pre-flashing   (FREE)

rangefinder photography   (PAID)    skip introductory page

reviews   (FREE)   

saving money   (FREE)

shadows    (PAID) (NEW) skip intro

shooting the past   (PAID) skip intro page

still life    (PAID)

street photography   (PAID)    skip introductory page

subject brightness range   (FREE)

texture   (PAID)    skip introductory page

travel   (FREE)   

travelogue   (PAID)   

voluntary limits    (PAID)

weddings   (PAID)    skip introductory page

welcome to film   (FREE)

white on white   (PAID)    skip introductory page

why we don't use the zone system   (FREE)

18 per cent grey cards   (FREE)

Chateau de Loches (F)


Sausages, camera fair, Bievres (R)


Greenhouse, Bressuire (F)


market, Brittany (R)


Wire walker, UK (F)


Boy with gun, Levoca (R)


Noodle eater, Beijing


Frosty morning, Moncontour


in reverse date order (most recent first)


5 aug 2009 -- a review of Arles 2009  (FREE)

17 jun 2009 -- Leica M8-2  (FREE)

29 nov 2008 -- AC-10 Action Level  (FREE)

7 oct 2008 -- Infra Red Film   (PAID)

30 jul 2008 -- Wide Angle Tri-Elmar (WATE) review   (FREE) (NEW)

30 jul 2008 -- Zeiss 4/18 Distagon review   (FREE) (NEW)

21 july 2008 -- events   (Start of a FREE Series)

31 may 2008 -- the part and the whole   (PAID)

9 may 2008 -- Wedding Photography   (PAID) 

25 apr 2008 -- Leica Noctilux review   (FREE) 

18 apr 2008 -- OpTech "shower cap" lens cap microtest   (FREE)

11 apr 2008 -- OpTech camera case microtest   (FREE)

1 apr 2008 -- the dangers of gurus   (FREE)

16 mar 2008 -- choosing lenses   (PAID)

3 feb 2008 -- choosing a photo lab   (FREE) 

31 dec 2007 -- portrait lens and lighting   (PAID) 

23 dec 2007 -- a&a camerra straps microtest   (FREE) 

23 dec 2007 -- print file negative sleeve microtest   (FREE) 

21 dec 2007 -- paterson waterfilter microtest   (FREE) 

9 dec 2007 -- first look (preliminary reviews)   (FREE)

30 nov 2007 -- ...process 35mm and 120 film?   (FREE)

30 nov 2007 -- ...load a developing tank?   (FREE)

17 nov 2007 -- colour for colour's sake   (PAID) 

24 oct 2007 -- ...choose a developing tank?

15 oct 2007 -- magic windows   (PAID) 

29 aug 2007 -- photo school extras   (PAID)

10 aug 2007 -- a gallery series on repetition   (FREE) 

10 aug 2007 -- a gallery series on symmetry   (FREE) 

Jul 15 2007 -- Leica M8 review   (PAID) (NEW)

21 may 2007 -- four views of a statue   (FREE) 

13 may 2007 -- shooting the past   (PAID)

5 may 2007 -- quality in photography 3 -- composition i    (PAID)

29 apr 2007 -- quality in photography 2 -- sharpness    (PAID)

19 apr 2007 -- shadows    (PAID)

15 apr 2007 -- how do i.... zone focus my camera? the eleventh in a series  (FREE)

15 apr 2007 -- how do i.... use a 35mm camera? the tenth in a series  (FREE)

15 apr 2007 -- how do i.... transform the smallest room? the ninth in a series  (FREE)

15 apr 2007 -- basics   (FREE intro to FREE modules) (NEW)

21 mar 2007 -- chiaroscuro   (PAID)

9 mar 2007 -- focus    (PAID)

19 feb 2007 -- the focal point   (PAID)

28 jan 2007 -- still life    (PAID)

8 jan 2007 -- irreproducible results   (PAID)

2 jan 2007 -- how do i....process sheet film in a Paterson orbital tank? the eighth in a series  (FREE)

26 dec 2006 -- narrative, record and graphic pictures    (PAID)

8 dec 2006 -- how do a large format lens? the seventh in a series   (FREE)

27 nov 2006 --voluntary limits (PAID)

14 nov 2006 -- the hybrid darkroom   (FREE)

10 nov 2006 -- how do i....load cut film holders in large format? the sixth in a series   (FREE)

31 oct 2006 -- photography and motorcycles (FREE)

25 oct 2006 -- quality in photography (PAID)

27 sep 2006 -- old lenses (PAID)

23 sep 2006 -- how do i....load a shirley wellard cassette? the fifthh in a series   (FREE)

23 sep 2006 -- how do i....load bulk 35mm film..and why the fourth in a series   (FREE)

Sep 2 2006 -- a sepia series and a page on the barge museum in the new gallery   (FREE)

aug 23 2006 -- how do i....load bulk 120 film? the third in a series   (FREE)

aug 22 2006 -- landscape vs portrait formats   (PAID)

aug 4 2006 -- how do i....choose a tripod? the second in a series   (FREE)

Jul 26 2006 -- photographing details (PAID)

Jul 16 2006 -- creating a photo-school course (FREE)

Jul 12 2006 -- how do I...? (FREE; first in a series)

Jul 4 2006 -- varex review (PAID)

Jun 17 2006 -- saving money (FREE)

may 22 2006 -- photographing texture (PAID)

may 14 2006 -- photo critiques (FREE)

may 1 2006 -- rangefinder photography (PAID)


'Eyes of Hermannstadt', Sibiu, Romania


Mani stones, Tso.Pema (R)


Lake Mono, California (F)


Back garden roofs (R)


Great Wall of China (F)


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