OpTech individual camera cases

These resemble ever-ready cases. They are available for both rangefinder cameras (as here) and small SLRs. Although they are probably a bit more convenient than the average manufacturer's ER case, that is not the way we normally use them.

One of the two ways is for packing. When we are working, we normally wear one camera (Frances) or two cameras (Roger) around our necks. When they are not around our necks -- especially, when we are flying -- they may be jammed almost anywhere in our carry-on luggage. This necessitates some protection, and we have found nothing better than OpTech camera cases. Neoprene 'wraps' afford the same level of protection (and OpTech make these too) but they are quite a bit bulkier if you are packing 35mm and digital cameras, though not for medium format and large format cameras.


OpTech case, closed

Contains Leica M2 and (folded) Rapidwinder


OpTech case open to reveal Leica M2

and Rapidwinder, trigger unfolded

The other is when we are walking long distances over rough terrain without taking pictures. For example, when we walked from a small country inn to the Great Wall of China, over an hour's walk before sunrise, protecting the cameras around our necks with OpTech cases meant that they were protected against stumbling, falling and dust, but could be accessible in seconds: just pull the case off and stuff it in a pocket, or for that matter, let it fall on the ground. The case can be connected to the camera with a lanyard, but despite the very light weight of the case, we just don't like this.

Like most OpTech products they are made of neoprene, the same sort of material from which wet suits are made, and as a result they offer excellent energy-dissipating and energy-absorbing protection in the event of a bump or knock: far better protection, in many ways, than most manufacturers' cases.

OpTech's web-site is www.optech.com.

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