white on white: summary

White-on-white is a common problem in still lifes, pack shots and the like -- it is particularly important if you are doing your own digital product shots. The subject, or part of it, is 'lost' against the background, or lacks internal detail and becomes a featureless blob.

Illustration from 'White on White'

There are at least 18 ways to overcome such problems, which are discussed in this module. The overly picky should note that the module does not deal only with white-on-white, but with the closely related question of differentiating any two things that are very similar in tone and colour, including black on black.

There are 9 pages - maybe 3000 words -- and no fewer than 26 pictures, though many are step-by-step technical exercises. If you find this module useful you may also be interested in our books Lighting for Photographers and The Photographer's Guide to the Studio. Other modules that may be of interest include:

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exposure for slides/digital sensors.


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