This module may be of some interest to those contemplating commercial wedding photography, as a different way of doing things, but this is not its primary purpose. Every now and then, there's a wedding you can't get out of. We have only ever shot about half a dozen, all but one for old friends. The sole exception was an old friend's daughter. We reckon we may have to do the same for another friend's daughter, but that will (we hope) be an end to it.

neil, big group

Weddings are an enormous responsibility, and you can't really do a re-shoot. The only way we can bring ourselves to do them is by doing them on our terms, as a wedding present. We shoot huge numbers of pictures and have the majority of them commercially processed; pick the ones we like best, to make 'special' prints for the couple; and then hand the whole lot over to them, except some of the black and white negatives which we keep for ourselves and reprint if the couple wants (this is why almost all the illustrations are black and white). So far, everyone has been delighted.

It's quite a short module, though there are 20 pictures, but we hope it will save a certain amount of heartache for both photographers and couples who want their friends to photograph their weddings.

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