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Still life -- or as the French rather ominously call it, nature morte (dead nature) -- has been a staple of painting since the 14th century or so and a staple of photography since the days of Daguerre and Talbot. After all, the great thing about a still life is that it is indeed still. This was particularly important in the days when exposures ran into many minutes.


A great deal of advertising photography is a branch of still life, as is food photography. And of course it is still possible to create 'fine art' pictures, whether for your own pleasure or for sale.

And yet, not one amateur in a hundred thinks seriously about still life. Many believe it is too difficult: that it requires expensive cameras, lighting and other equipment. This simply isn't true, as this module shows. The 30 pictures include 21 still lifes, split more or less evenly between colour and mono, six each 35mm, medium format and large format, plus three digital (the other nine pictures are equipment shots, step-b-steps or other illustrative material).


The module deals with both studio still lifes and 'found' still lifes, little slices of life waiting to be transformed into art.


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