The part and the whole

The idea for this module came to us at a classic car and bike meeting, which we attended with our 1978 BMW R100RS. It is almost always difficult to get good shots of classic cars. This is partly because they are against awkward backgrounds, including other old cars, people, toilet blocks, and so forth, and partly because they often carry explanatory notices, rally entry plaques, and the like. We therefore hit upon the idea of shooting lots of details, so that we create a sort of mental jigsaw puzzle of the subject.

Then we realized that in practice, the same technique can be applied to all kinds of other subjects. It's a bit like a photo-essay, except that there is much less of a story: all the pictures are more or less equal, though obviously some will be stronger than others. There's not a lot of text, but there are 65 pictures, all different, all digital, shot with the Leica M8.


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