The Magic Window

Magic windows are a particular style of photograph that seem to open directly onto another world. Looking at them, we feel as if we could, reduced to ant-like size, go through the photograph as Alice went through the looking glass, and find ourself on the other side in the photographer's world.

Most of the magic windows we have seen have been in old albums or guide books, and are therefore windows in both time and space, but we have long wondered if it is possible to shoot magic windows at will, even today. This module is based on many years' study of the phenomenon: it is far from definitive, but we believe that it is the best analysis that has ever been attempted.

Because of our historical experiences with magic windows, the module deals principally with black and white pictures, often sepia toned; of the 31 pictures, four are in colour. The black and whites were all shot on film, in a variety of formats from half-frame 35mm to 5x7 inch; two of the colour shots are digital.

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