irreproducible results


When you see a picture you really like, there is a natural temptation to try to do the same thing yourself -- preferably better. This can be even more true if there are particular effects you like (colours, grain, sharpness, whatever) but the picture is indifferent. You think, "Wow! If only I could use that technique with a better subject and better composition!"

If you feel this way, this module is both an encouragement and a discouragement. It shows you a lot of tricks, but it also explains why many effects are less reproducible than most photographers imagine. The whole photographic process is very flexible, but not always very precise.

It describes the nature (and often the magnitude) of likely variations in such things as film speed, meter accuracy and development techniques, as well as discussing the relevance of formats, lenses, specialized equipment and even post-processing in Adobe Photoshop, though the majority deals with traditional processing. There are 22 pictures, eight conventional monochrome, nine conventional colour, and one each hand-coloured, hand-coated, Polablue, Polaroid sepia and lith.

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