decisive moments

Taken to its logical extreme, there cannot be just one decisive moment. If there were, you would only take one picture in your whole life, at exactly the right time, and you would then give your camera away, secure in the knowledge that you had taken the ultimate photograph.

Rather, then, the 'decisive moment' is a series of moments when everything comes together; a more realistic term, in many cases, is 'completing the composition'. This is a module about recognizing (and indeed anticipating) the best time to press the button: the decisive moment is to time what viewpoint and composition are to space.


There are 29 pictures in this module, though three of them are variations (crops and image manipulation) and there are half a dozen sets of two and one set of three pictures of the same subject, often separared only by seconds. Roughly one-third are in colour, and two-thirds in black and white. Almost half were shot in China.

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