This module was prompted by the realization that while we have a number of backlit shots of which we are reasonably proud, we had never really given very much thought as to how we had achieved them. As the old saying goes, you can best teach what you most need to learn...

Backlighting is nothing more or less than light which comes from behind the subject, whether directly behind or merely a little to the rear of side-lighting. It is seldom the only light, and it may indeed be only a minor part of the overall lighting plot. This is a module about choosing (or at least recognizing) back light; composing with it; and how to expose for it. Be warned, however, that there is next to nothing about fill-flash. Although many people find a very useful technique with backlit subjects, we almost never use it: we just don't like flash very much.

There are over 30 pictures, though one is repeated; four are step-by-step; five are exposure variations (one pair, one triple set); and three are alternative shots of the same subject -- the game players above, in fact. This means there are over twenty different pictures, with a lot of 'how to' and comparison information. Only three of the pictures are black and white, but at least they are all different.

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