backgrounds and foregrounds: summary

Often, the difference between a good picture and a bad one is not in the principal subject: it is in the rest of the picture. Backgrounds and foregrounds may be distracting, or may contain unwanted items, or the principal subject may be insufficiently differentiated from them.

This module addresses all these problems and suggests numerous ways to overcome them, thereby adding interest to your pictures.

Illustration from 'Backgrounds and Foregrounds'

The majority of the advice is as suitable for the absolute beginner with a point-and-shoot camera as for the user of a sophisticated SLR or rangefinder camera, although there are some techniques that do require such things as manual exposure control, manual aperture control or work in the darkroom (whether 'wet' or digital).

It runs to 10 printed pages (about 3500-4000 words) with 18 pictures. Of the pictures, 3 are small 'step by step' or 'how not to'. Effectively, therefore, there are 15 different pictures, 11 colour and 4 black and white. For comparison a typical magazine article will run 1500-2500 words with 4 to 8 pictures.


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