darkroom basics

             ...and beyond

128pp, 220x290mm (8-1/2 x 11 inches), around 250 pictures (mono & colour)

Collins & Brown 2000, £16.99, ISBN 1 85585 812 6

The key lies in the words '...and beyond': in conventional terms, this book contains just about all you need to know about developing and printing black and white films to exhibition standard, including personalizing film speeds and development times. Darkroom work really isn't that difficult, provided you can avoid the often over-imaginative advice that is handed out by the Great Printing Gurus. The secret is practice, practice and more practice -- and knowing where to concentrate your efforts and what to look for.

From the really 'noddy' stuff like how to load a plastic spiral (Paterson kit is used throughout, though it's all transferable to any other make) through choosing developers and papers to selenium toning, it's all in here. And it's a royalty book!

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