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Buildings -- especially old buildings -- are one of our favourite subjects. They are a classic example of 'what shall I photograph?'  The simple answer is 'whatever interests you'. If you have no interests outside photography, we can't help you much. Nor can anyone else. Ansel Adams took great pictures of the American West because he loved the American West. Helmut Newton shot great nudes because he loved beautiful women. O. Winston Link shot great train pictures because he loved steam trains. Merely loving your subject won't necessarily make you a great photographer, but not caring about your subject is a pretty reliable short cut to bad pictures for most photographers.

Lumping together 'buildings and interiors' may seem a bit casual, but if we hadn't made this and similar choices (like 'reportage and people') the menu pages would have been uncommonly long and some of the pages would have been pretty scanty.

We use a wide variety of equipment, on a wide range of formats from 35mm (sometimes with a shift lens) through roll-film and occasionally even 8x10 inch. In black and white it is about 50 per cent 35mm, 45 per cent roll-film and 5 per cent large format; in colour, it is almost all 35mm.

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