street photography china - mono

lijiang market

three-pool well, lijiang

waitress, lijiang

alley, lijiang

lijiang market


bicycle park, beijing

lijiang market

small bridge, lijiang

lijiang market


autorickshaw, beijing

mah jongg, lijiang

bladerunner beijing

bicycles, beijing

doorway, beijing


captain yue, beijing

fish market, beijing

beijing hutongs

noodle eater, beijing

These were all shot in October 2005; they are a mixture of Roger's and Frances's shots. All these are from 35mm (Leica MP and M4P for Roger, Voigtlander Bessa-T and Bessa-R2 for Frances) and were shot on a mixture of Ilford HP5 Plus (12), Kodak Tri-X (4) and Ilford XP2 Super (2). Various of them appear in Photo School modules, including Decisive Moments (paid module).


© 2005 Roger W. Hicks